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In Memory of a Close Friend

The social scientist and author G√ľnter Amendt was one of our closest friends. He tragically died in a traffic accident in 2011, standing on the sidewalk, waiting for the traffic lights to change.

Günter Amendt had been planning to get a website for a couple of years. On it, he had intended to publish parts of his older texts and books, to make recent and current essays and talks, which would otherwise only reach a specialist audience, available to a broader public, and to write about other subjects, and to write differently than he had been writing publicly until then, in a blog.

Since it is no longer possible for Günter Amendt to design his website himself, we are trying — as best as is possible without him — to implement his plan. We hope that many of his works will be re-published in the course of the next years.

The content and design of the website are developed in close collaboration with Günter Amendt's sister and some of his friends.

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