POS Concept

Get off sugar, get on green stuff:
The Vitamigos characters lead the entire way — from outdoor billboard, via in-store decoration, to individual packaging.

  • Character Design — shaping a funny or otherwise entertaining figure.                 
    But that's not all. „Character“ implies more than just mentality or a physical condition.

  • A character looks interesting when it stimulates phantasies about typical actions and situations — an individual story.
    Designing a character involves the design of its social environment, its personal drives and desires, aspirations and handicaps.

  • The idea was to translate the wide variety of fruit flavors and vegetable looks into a new species’ characteristics and relationships. The „sweet“ and „sour“ creatures were given their own voice by using a handwritten type in vector lines.

  • An undulated version of the handlettering, combined with some juice splashes and fruit leaves became the Vitamigos logotype.

  • Nutrition is fundamental and thus a perfect subject for all sorts of dialogues and situations.

  • The illustrations’ clear and reduced style allows for application in all kinds of sizes, media, displays,
    printing processes and — important when accompanying seasonal food — can be produced very fast.

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