The Gore-Tex Campaign

In Context

The side-by-side motifs illustrate the functional principle of textiles by comparing them to animal physiologies.
The campaign was run in the USA, Europe and Russia.

  • During the pitch-phase, we were asked to develop a new campaign-look. The briefing did not include any visual guidelines.
    To be shown were the fabrics’ functions — not the fabrics themselves. We started out with some very free approaches.

  • One of our first ideas was to layer diagrams over close-up photos of body parts. The diagrams were intended to look like    
    very complex infographics and illustrate the multiplicity of knowledge that goes into the production of functional wear.

  • Client and agency took on this approach and developed it into the animal-human-campaign.
    Next, the diagram illustrations’ look was to be designed. Many variants were tried out.

  • To approximate them to animals, the diagrams no longer were to be just white,                   
    but adopt colors from furs and plumages and illustrate differences in temperature.

  • For each individual motif, numerous variants of shapes and courses of arrows were compared.                                         

  • The photographed body parts were re-constructed as 3d models, true to shape, and the diagrams created on these    
    models’ surfaces. In a 2d compositing, the rendered diagram structures were then combined with the photos.  

  • In many cases, a number of sheaths at different distances to the surface of the skin                                                                       needed to be created from the 3d reconstructions of the photographed bodies.

  • Some of the motifs were adapted for different sexes and ages.
    To apply the same look to very dissimilar shapes posed a particular challenge.

  • One of the images' special appeal lay in the superposition of two completely different kinds of high-resolution textures —     the organic structures of the skin, and the synthetic appearance of the graphical elements.

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