Digital Painting 1960s Style

Developing the Look

The basic idea for the visual was to depict two Berlin landmarks — the Brandenburg Gate and the Bode Museum — in a Thai environment and Southeast Asian architectural style. A photorealistic 2d/3d compositing would have been a natural choice for this tricky motif, but was way out of budget.

The first version was a vector illustration with technical outlines.

In midstream it became evident that this wasn't going to work — the Berlin-Bangkok mix was too inconspicuous and might have escaped most people.

Another version with crayoned, hand-drawn outlines creates more of an atmosphere — but the style still appeared too weak and sketchy for large formats.

The outlines were therefore omitted and we settled on a style in which the buildings were painted rather accurately and the people remained schematic.

This style is reminiscent of 1960s concept illustrations, which went well with the touristic theme.

Read more about the integrated production process of 3d modeling and 2d digital painting in the downloadable ‚Making Of‘.

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