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An Author's Design

Günter Amendt was working on the corrections to his book „No Drugs No Future“, when the publisher sent over some cover design proposals.

„Just look at this“, he said, „this is already the second round — somehow, I don't know… I don't really like any of them, what do you think?“ The drafts looked absolutely terrible. The idea that his book — which was to become his opus summum on drug policy — would be published with an unworthily cheap cover, was even worse. I therefore suggested that we design a new cover.

I experimented a little, combining typography with photos and illus-
trations. When I showed him the drafts on the screen and was just exchanging the images behind the typography band, he called out: „Like that! — without any image! Just the bands with the shadow effect on a white background — that's it, that looks like a distinct book series… This is what I want all my books to look like!“


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