Hans Nieswandt „DJ Dionysos“ & „Disko Ramallah“

Cover Design and Illustration

„DJ Dionysos“ is the title of a novel the author Hans Nieswandt would like to write — if only the DJ Hans Nies-
wandt wouldn't always have to deal with other things that crop up.

The book consists of two alternating story lines: the novel about up-and-coming DJ Dennis from the boondocks, and the accounts of Nieswandt's real life on the waves of disco ocean.

The novel-parts are illustrated with characters from the series „die niedlichen“, which was published in music magazine „Spex“ during the 1990s, when Nieswandt was one of the magazine's editors. Illustrations and excerpts from „DJ Dionysos“ can be found on www.dieniedlichen.de

Cover Design

„Disko Ramallah — und andere merk-
w├╝rdige Orte zum Plattenauflegen“
is another of Nieswandt's books in which he gives an account of his many travels as a DJ. The photos he took while on the road, would have allowed for many a good cover design.

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